Biomedical Sciences Research Groups

Learn more about the research and impact within our Biomedical Sciences Research groups.

The activities of our Biomedical Sciences Research are organised within distinct research centres and groups.

Research Centres


Look at the research the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) undertakes.

NI Centre for Stratified Medicine

Read more about the Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine and their research.

Centre for Personalised Medicine

The Centre for Personalised Medicine, Clinical Decision Making and Patient Safety aims to improve clinical decision-making and tailored patient care.

Research Groups

Diabetes Research Group

Find out more about the diabetes research group.

Genomic Medicine Research Group

Explore the Genomic Medicine Research Group and the research they are involved in.

Optometry and Vision Research Group

The Optometry and Vision Science Research Group at Ulster University.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science Research Group

Learn about our research and current projects.