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The Ulster University Mass Spectometry Centre facility uses mass spectrometry techniques to support your research needs for the characterisation and quantitation of proteins and small molecules in a range of biological and non-biological matrices.

The proteomics applications include the identification of proteins and peptides by LC/MS and MALDI-TOF. The metabolomics applications include both targeted and untargeted qualitative / quantitative analysis of metabolites.

Our core facility offers consultancy and coaching in all mass spectrometry-based analysis and also provides mass spectrometry imaging analysis services through our external academic and industrial partners.

We operate on both a fee-for-service basis and an independent use basis. For fee-for-service experiments, we ask that investigators initially consult with core personnel prior to sample submission. Data analysis and interpretation is performed by core personnel.

Alternatively, investigators can be trained to operate the instruments and perform data analysis. Several contract options are available for users interested in learning to perform their own experiments.

Expert technical assistance can be tailored to meet the needs of investigators whether they be novices or experienced users of mass spectrometry applications. This includes advice in methods of appropriate sample storage and preparation, and assistance in LC, LC/MS and MALDI-TOF based method development.