Sanctions for Non Payment of Fees

Sanctions incurred in the event that tuition fees are not paid on time.

If you do not pay your tuition fees on time, the following sanctions will apply.

  • Loss of access to Ulster Portal and Library Facilities

    The following students who fail to pay on a due date or provide the relevant documentation will have their access to library, computer and other facilities withdrawn immediately and will not be permitted to attend classes and lectures:

    • Those who had advised that their tuition fees would be paid by a loan or a grant from the SLC and we have not received confirmation of this by 15 November 2019 (2019/20 academic year).
    • Those who provide a sponsor letter and the sponsor fails to pay the tuition fees within 30 days from the invoice date.
    • Where a cheque, Recurring Card Payment (RCP) or Direct Debit (DD) instalment is rejected by your bank or credit card issuer.

    Students will be expected to contact the Tuition Fees Office to make payment arrangements. Once payment has been made in full, library and computer access will be reinstated within two working days.

    If payment has not been received in full by one week of the due date, or no contact has been made with staff in the Tuition Fees Office to arrange payment, then the registration record will be suspended and then later terminated.

  • Tuition Fee Debt will prevent you from registering for a New Programme at Ulster University

    Students who have outstanding tuition fees from a previous programme and wish to apply for a new programme at the University will not have their application processed.

  • Tuition Fee Debt will prevent you from registering in the next Academic Year

    Under no circumstances will any student with outstanding tuition fees be permitted to register in the next academic year.

    When the outstanding tuition fees have been paid in full, it will take up to two working days before you will be able to register.

  • Tuition Fee Debt will prevent you from receiving your Award

    Students who have successfully completed their course but have an outstanding tuition fee debt will not have a degree, diploma, certificate or other academic award granted and conferred.

    Students will not be permitted to attend a graduation ceremony nor receive a transcript of marks.

  • Tuition Fee Debt Recovery

    Students who leave the University with outstanding tuition fees will be traced via the debt collection agency engaged by the University and debts will be recovered via the appropriate legal process.