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Dashlane is a secure multiplatform password manager solution that helps users store and manage a large number of passwords and other account information and access them from all your devices (such as your mobile phone). The Password Manager encrypts stored login information and can enter it automatically into websites and forms for users, improving your cyber hygiene and helping to prevent cyber attacks.

Dashlane enables users generate and maintain complex passwords that are difficult to guess, difficult to break or crack, all without the need to memorise them.

Why use Dashlane?

Understanding the Dashlane apps

Tour of the Dashlane App and Browser Extensions

Supporting Materials

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain help

Please contact the service desk. If your query cannot be dealt with locally, it will be escalated to the Cyber Security Team to be resolved.


There is no cost associated with the provision of a Dashlane account while you are a staff member or student at Ulster University.


Ulster University offers Dashlane software to anyone with a valid Ulster University Account, however the service is targeted at Staff users.

Service Owner

This service is provided free by Digital Services and managed by the ICT Governance (Cyber Security) Team