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What does this mean for you….

Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords with strong two-factor authentication on devices.

This authentication consists of a type of user credential that is tied to a device and uses a PIN Code.

After an initial two-step verification, Windows Hello is set up on your device and Windows asks you to set a complex 6-digit PIN (like a mobile phone or tablet). You provide the PIN to verify your identity. Windows then uses Windows Hello to authenticate you to the device.

If you have multiple devices on Intune, you can use a unique passcode for each device.

User Guide

Windows Hello will start after a successful reboot of your device. The setup process is quick and easy, so please follow the below steps to complete the process. Please note it may take more than one reboot for the policy to apply and the setup wizard to present itself….

1. Click on “Ok” to continue the setup procedure for Windows Hello for Business.

Use Windows Hello with your account screenshot image

2. At the next screen you will be prompted to setup a pin. Click on “Pin requirements” to provide info on the pin requirements that needs to be set.

Set up a PIN in Windows Hello Screenshot image

3. When you click on “Pin requirements” you will see the following information:

  • Must be at least 6 digits long.
  • Cannot be longer than 12 digits.
  • Cannot be a number pattern such as 123456 or 111111

4. Set your new pin, confirm pin, and then click on “Ok” to proceed.

Windows Hello Pin Requirements Screenshot image

5. This screen confirms pin setup has completed successfully. You can now login to Windows with your 6-digit pin.

Windows Hello Confirmation Screenshot Image

6. The next time you login into Windows you can now use your PIN.

Windows Hello Pin Login Screenshot Image

How to reset your Windows Hello PIN if you forget it:

If you forgot or lost your Windows login PIN, you will not be able to retrieve it, but you can change it. Here are the options how.

Option 1: Reset forgotten pin from Windows 10/11 lock screen:

1. You can reset it from the Windows lock screen without having to log on to your Windows desktop.

2. Start by going to the login screen and clicking the “I forgot my PIN” link as shown below.

Windows Hello Forgot My PIN screenshot image
Windows Hello Just A Moment Screenshot Image

3. When this screen appears enter your account password. Your Microsoft account is your university email address.

Windows Hello Enter Your Password Screenshot Image

4. Your Microsoft account has two-factor verification enabled so you will be prompted to verify your identity. Open the authenticator app and approve. Then click “Next” to continue.

Windows Hello Approve Sign In Request Screenshot Image

5. When your identity has been verified click on the “Reset PIN” to start the reset process

Windows Hello Reset Pin Screenshot Image

6. Simply enter a new PIN here, confirm it and remember it. If needed, you can remind yourself of the PIN requirements by clicking on “PIN requirements”.

Windows Hello Change your PIN Screenshot Image

7. When you see this screen click on “OK” to get back to the lock screen. You have successfully reset your PIN. Now at the lock screen enter the new PIN to login.

Windows Hello Ready Soon Screenshot Image

Option 2: Reset forgotten PIN in the “Settings” app

Windows 11:

To change your PIN when currently signed in:

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection, so the change synchronises to your Microsoft account.
  2. Select StartSettings AccountsSign-in options.
Windows Hello Settings Screenshot Image
Windows Hello Accounts Screenshot Image

3. Click on “Sign-in options”

Windows Hello Sign In Options Screenshot Image

4. Click on the “I forgot my PIN” link to begin.

Windows Hello I Forgot My PIN Screenshot Image

5. Click the “Continue” button to proceed.

Windows Hello Are you sure Screenshot image

6. Follow the directions to complete MFA and verify your account.

Windows Hello Approve sign in request screenshot image

7. When MFA successfully completes you can now create a new pin to sign in Windows. Create a new PIN and hit the “Ok” button. The process will not prompt you to state change has been successful so just close the Window. Login with the new PIN on next logon on

Windows Hello Ready Soon Screenshot Image

Windows 10:

On a Windows 10 device the process is the same to change your PIN when you currently signed in on Windows 10:

1. Make sure you have an active internet connection, so the change synchronises to your Microsoft account.

2. Select Start > Settings > Accounts Sign-in options.

3. Select PIN (Windows Hello)Change PIN and then follow the instructions.