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To login to the University Portal, services and centrally supported workstations, you will need a username and network password.

Passwords are an important aspect of computer and information security. A poorly chosen and managed password may result in the compromise of the security of the University's entire corporate network and therefore, of the information hosted on it.

Login Details

Login Details
Your University staff email address or your staff E-code (this is your staff number preceded with a lowercase 'e', e.g. e12345678) Your network password

How to Reset your Password

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) enables Staff who have registered for the service to securely reset their University network password 24/7 without the need to contact the Service Desk.

SSPR registration is now mandatory so we would encourage you to register now for this enhancement to your account security.

Those with Associate accounts or Staff who have not yet registered for SSPR will need to contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk.

Services affected when a password changes

Once you have changed your network password, the services that the new password will be valid for include:

  • University desktop or Laptop
  • Email
  • Eduroam - University wireless service
  • University Portal
  • Blackboard Learn

Password Management using Dashlane

Ulster University offers Dashlane password management software. More details about how to obtain Dashlane can be found at the web link below:

Dashlane Password Management

When to change your password

If you believe your password has been compromised in any way, you must change the password immediately and contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk.

Good Practice

The Password Standard which you can find in our IT Policy Implementation Framework contains guidelines for the creation and safekeeping of passwords. Key points that should be adhered to are:

  • Do not reveal a password over the phone to ANYONE
  • Do not reveal a password to a co-worker or line manager for any reason
  • Do not talk about a password in front of others
  • Do not hint at the format of a password (e.g., "my family name")
  • Do not reveal a password on questionnaires or security forms
  • Do not share a password with family members
  • Do not write passwords down and store them where they can be found or accessed by others
  • Do not insert passwords into email messages or other forms of electronic communication.

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Dashlane is a secure multiplatform password manager solution.