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Self-service password reset within O365 enables those with Staff and Student accounts to securely reset their University account password 24/7 without contacting the Digital Services IT Service Desk.

We strongly recommend that you enhance your account security by registering as soon as possible.

Before you can use SSPR you have to confirm your authentication methods, which will be at least two from the following three options:

  • your mobile phone (to facilitate a verification text message)
  • an alternate email address (to facilitate a verification email)
  • secret questions and answers

Registering for SSPR

Using SSPR to reset your password

Read the SSPR Reset Guide to see how to use your verification methods to conduct a password reset in the event you cannot access your account

Reset Password redirects you to begin the password reset process

Choose a password with a minimum of 12 characters, that includes 3 out of the four categories below:

  1. Upper Case
  2. Lower Case
  3. Digit
  4. Special Character

Please note that if you change your password in Office 365 via SSPR, you should wait for a maximum of 30 minutes for your new password to fully replicate to all University services (e.g. Student Workstation login). You should also  reconfigure your Eduroam wifi connection to utilise the new password immediately.

To update your registered Authentication details

In order for you to retain use of the Self Service password reset facility it is important that you keep your Authentication details up to date.

In relation to GDPR compliance, the University has a legitimate interest in enhancing the security of its network.  Self Service Password Reset, how passwords are stored and reset, is a critical aspect of the enhancing such security.

GDPR requirements mean that companies must be able to demonstrate that their password reset processes and procedures are secure. The implementation of Azure Self Service Password Reset is a secure, compliant service provided by Microsoft.

By facilitating Self Service Password Reset, the University is ensuring options are provided for the user to provide identification of who they are in order to verify that the user requesting the reset is the legitimate owner of the account.

Information that you are asked to provide as part of the password reset process will only be held for the purpose of resetting your password and is processed by the University on the basis of our legitimate interest in enhancing the security of our network. Information provided, such as the security questions and answers, are stored securely in the University’s Azure AD tenant and are only accessible to users via the SSPR registration portal. University staff and Administrators can't see, set, or modify the contents of another users' questions and answers.