Vision for Belfast

A vibrant vision

Phase 1 – Blocks BA and BB

Completed in August 2015.

Frederick Street Mixed Use Scheme

Mixed use development (retail and car park)

Teaching Facilities

The future.....NOW

Live Cameras at Belfast Campus

Live development of Belfast Campus at Ulster University. The cameras update every 15 minutes.

Timelapse Video of Belfast Campus

Time lapse videos will be compiled quarterly to show the campus developing.

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Ulster University is committed to working in partnership with and delivering positive outcomes in our neighbouring communities and beyond.

We do this by being an active member of the community, by investing in people, supporting business and widening access to education.

As part of the ongoing development of our Belfast Campus, the University is committed to offering apprenticeships and placement opportunities through our Contractors.

We have also co-produced with the neighbouring communities a University Community Benefit Framework based on the shared belief that by working together, we can achieve mutual benefit for community, students and University staff.

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