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Information on Administrative Arrangements

  • Keys/Access
    • On arrival, keys (and, where appropriate, access cards) will be issued to you. Alternative arrangements can be made in advance if you do not intend to collect your keys on the date your Contract starts, but your residential fees will be charged from this time regardless of whether you pick up your keys.
    • Keys and certain access cards remain the property of the University and should be returned to Residential Life at the end of your contract period or on termination of your occupancy.
    • During your stay in accommodation, you may be asked to produce your Student Identification by Residential Life personnel or Security Staff.
    • Keys must not be duplicated or given/loaned to any other person.
    • If keys/ access cards are lost or otherwise cannot be returned on departure, you may be charged for the room daily, for replacement of keys/cards, and/or changing the locks.
    • You should always carry your keys/access card with you.
    • If you lose your keys/access card, you should report this immediately to Residential Life/Facilities Services.
    • University/Facilities Services staff on duty may have access to master keys for use in bona fide emergencies but are not expected to needlessly devote their time to unlocking Residents’ doors. Staff will levy an administrative charge of £10 if you repeatedly seek the use of master keys to gain access to your accommodation.
    • University/Facilities staff retain the right to enter your house or apartment at any time. However, you will be given 7 days’ notice of intention to enter your bedroom unless in the event of an emergency.
  • Residential Fees
    • You must pay your residential fees, charges, costs, and fines (if appropriate) as required.
    • If you are in financial difficulty that may affect your ability to pay, then you should contact Residential Life immediately to renegotiate payment arrangements. ResLife fees guidance is available on our webpage at and includes information on the debt recovery steps that will be taken by ResLife up to and including the serving of a Notice to Quit (NTQ).
    • If you are in financial difficulty, you should seek advice from the Student Money Coordinator by emailing
  • Inventory/Room Contents Sheet
    • The online inventory module represents the official record of the contents of the accommodation and the room condition at the time you take possession of it.
    • You must check the contents and condition of your accommodation and note any discrepancies on the online inventory within 7 days of arrival.
  • Furnishings/Room Contents
    • You are not permitted to provide your own furniture (for example, a camp bed).
    • Any additional furnishings provided such as curtains, cushions etc. should be in accordance with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.
    • You may not alter or make repairs to any property or furniture within accommodation.
    • You are not permitted to remove furniture from your bedroom or from the kitchen. All furniture must be accounted for during inspections.
    • You must not bring large items of furniture or equipment into your accommodation or bedroom that may impede your exit during an emergency e.g., sofa.
  • Damages
    • You agree to accept full financial liability for any loss/damage you or your guests/visitors may cause to university property.
    • You will be held liable for any accidental or intentional damage caused by you and/or your guests/visitors to any University property within residences and will be expected to make full payment for repair or replacement.
    • Where damage/loss is caused by unidentifiable persons, the financial liability will normally be borne by all residents of the area concerned, at the discretion of Residential Life, and additional charges raised as appropriate.
    • An invoice for the cost of the damage/loss will be forwarded to you, and you will be given 7 days to take responsibility and pay.
    • After 7 days, if responsibility has not been taken and costs remain unpaid, an administrative charge of £25 will be added and debt recovery steps taken.
    • If you are in financial difficulty that may affect your ability to pay, then you should contact Residential Life immediately to renegotiate payment arrangements. ResLife fees guidance is available on our webpage at and includes information on the debt recovery steps that will be taken by ResLife
    • If you or your guest/visitor are responsible for malicious damage or abuse to property or equipment you may be immediately removed from accommodation and referred to the Director of Campus Life who may ratify the expulsion and/or, refer you to the Disciplinary Committee.
    • If you are removed from accommodation for such offences, you will be required to pay the equivalent of four weeks’ residential fees as an administration charge for students departing the accommodation.
  • Repairs
    • You must report any repairs/defects to Residential Life or the Facilities Manager without delay.
    • By reporting a repair, you are authorising access by appropriate persons to carry out the repair; it is not possible to arrange by appointment.
    • If a repair is required to be completed within your bedroom, please ensure that the room/ensuite is clean and tidy so that the repair can be completed with no danger of damage or disruption to your personal belongings. If a bedroom/ensuite is not clean there may be a delay in completing the repair and charges levied for cleaning.
  • Room Changes/Transfers

    If you are experiencing any issues or problems within your accommodation, we recommend you try to speak with those involved informally.  If that does not address the issue, please speak to a member of the ResLife team who can assist with dealing with the issue(s) raised. Room transfers to an alternative room may also be an option however this flexibility may be limited due to restrictions in place for Covid-19.

    • Requests for room changes/transfers may be considered at the discretion of ResLife.
    • No room changes/transfers will be permitted where there are outstanding debts.
    • An admin fee of £25 must be paid if a suitable room is available and the transfer request is approved. This fee may be waived where there are pressing medical/social circumstances.
    • If you make an unauthorised room change, you will be required to move back to your allocated room and charged accordingly if cleaning is required.
    • The University reserves the right to require you to transfer to an alternative room, should there be an operational requirement. In such circumstances, you will, as far as possible, be given at least 48 hours’ notice in writing. However, in emergencies immediate transfer may be required.
    • For students sharing twin rooms or one-bedroom apartments - if the joint occupant departs/transfers before the end of the contracted period then the other party will remain liable for the full cost of the room or be required to move to an alternative room and pay the appropriate cost.
  • Withdrawing from your Course
    • f you are withdrawing from your course of study and will no longer be a student at Ulster University, you will be released from your Accommodation Contract.
    • You will need to complete a withdrawal request online.
    • Apply to early depart residential accommodation and your faculty must send confirmation by email that you are leaving your course.
    • You will be liable for residences fees until all belongings have been cleared from your accommodation (see 3.9 below), your key/access card has been returned or your official withdrawal date (as advised by your faculty) whichever is later.
    • You will be charged to the nearest Saturday and a contract cancellation charge.
  • Serious Medical Condition
    • It is only in exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of a resident that we have the discretion to release residents from their Accommodation Contract e.g. If a resident develops a serious medical condition or disability after arrival at University which has impacted their ability to live independently, they can apply to “Early Depart.”
    • Apply to early depart residential accommodation. You will need to provide supporting medical evidence to substantiate your application.
    • Provision of medical evidence does not guarantee release and will be at the discretion of the Residential Life Management.
    • Pre-existing conditions that may be impacted by living in University accommodation/away from home should be disclosed at the time of applying so suitable adaptations and support can be arranged via Accessibility and/or Student Wellbeing teams at the University.
  • Contract Cancellation Charge

    In all cases where a resident has already arrived at accommodation and is released from their Accommodation contract as outlined above (Withdrawal from Course, Serious Medical Condition) you will be required to pay a contract cancellation charge (equivalent to four weeks residential fees).

  • Find a Replacement
    • If a resident finds another student to take over their Accommodation Contract (who is not already living in University accommodation) they will be released, and a £50 administration fee will be charged to cover costs involved.
    • The current resident will be charged Residential Fees up to the date the replacement takes over the contract.
  • Cancellation Prior to Contract Commencement and Arrival

    You may terminate this Agreement if the terms outlined in a & b below are met:

    1. you have not yet taken up occupation of the Accommodation; and
    2. you have notified the Accommodation Office in writing of your wish to terminate this Agreement.
    3. The £100 booking fee is non-refundable once an accommodation offer is accepted.
    4. If we successfully reallocate your room any pre-payment of fees will be refunded minus an administrative fee of £50 levied to cover any costs involved.
    5. If we are unable to reallocate the room, you will still be released however will be charged the full contract cancellation charge (equivalent to four weeks residential fees) plus any outstanding residential fees which may have been accrued by that date.
  • Departure
    • At the end of your current license agreement period, you must vacate the accommodation and return all keys.
    • You must lock your room and return keys to Residential Life by 12 noon on the last day of your contract unless other arrangements have been made in advance. You should ensure that study bedrooms and communal areas are locked when leaving.
    • Check that windows are closed and secure.
    • Accommodation must be left clean and tidy and cleared of all personal possessions. All food should be removed from cupboards and fridges/freezers, etc. and disposed of in the bins provided.
    • Additional cleaning charges may be levied in respect of residences not left in an acceptable condition.
  • Lost/Left Property
    • Residents are required to remove all personal possessions at the expiry of the accommodation contract or when transferring to an alternative room.
    • Any personal items of value found in University accommodation after contract expiry will be retained in secure storage for a limited period as per the Lost/Left Property procedure
  • Summer Accommodation
    • If you wish to stay on in accommodation during the summer period, you should submit an online application to book accommodation for the summer period.
    • If you are permitted to stay during the summer vacation period, you may be required to transfer to another room
    • You will NOT be permitted to stay over summer if you have unpaid residential fees or charges owing on your account.
    • If you book for the summer and subsequently, cancel or withdraw before the end of your contract period you will be required to pay the equivalent of one week’s residential fees as a cancellation charge.