Application to early depart residential accommodation

Application to early depart residential accommodation.

Before completing the ‘Application to Early Depart University Accommodation’ please note section 3.10 in the terms of your accommodation contract state the following:

Termination of/release from your agreement

You have signed a legally binding document and are required to honour your license agreement unless Residential Services agree to release you on one of the following grounds:

  1. You find another fully registered Ulster student (who has no commitment to other university accommodation) to take your place. Such arrangements are subject to the approval of Residential Services. This includes Residents going on placement.

    Please note you will be responsible for payment of residential fees until the room has been re-allocated. Administration charges in lieu of notice and in respect of cleaning may also be made.

  2. If you are leaving University permanently (i.e. withdrawing from your course), you need to complete the Early Depart form below and then submit a letter of release/withdrawal from your Faculty office to support your application. This should be submitted by hard copy to the campus Residential Services office or by email FAO: The Accommodation Officer. Once both are received you will be approved for release and liable to pay an administrative charge for cancellation of your agreement equivalent to 4 weeks’ residential fees.

  3. Release from an accommodation contract will only be granted on these grounds. In extraordinary cases substantiated by third party supporting evidence of extreme/extenuating circumstance you may be granted early departure. However, in most cases you will be required to honour your full licence agreement.

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Reason for early departure request

If you are withdrawing from your course/taking a leave of absence, a confirmation letter/email is required from your course faculty. Please email your course director and request they forward confirmation of your leave of absence/course withdrawal FAO the Accommodation Officer at your appropriate campus using the email addresses below:

Coleraine - Clodagh Scott -
Jordanstown – Glenda Campbell -
Magee – Oonagh McAlister -

Extreme/Extraordinary circumstances

Please send an email FAO the ResLife Manager at your appropriate campus using the email addresses below giving as much information as possible as to the nature of your circumstances. Please note if you are requesting leave on medical grounds you will need to submit a letter from professional outlining why you are unable to remain in University accommodation.

Coleraine - Clodagh
Jordanstown - Glenda
Magee - Oonagh

Have you found a replacement student?
I confirm the information above is accurate. I have read and understand the terms of my contract and it is my responsibility to ensure all required information/documentation is provided to Residential Services to support my application and I am not released from my contract until such times as I receive confirmation from Residential Services and return my room key.