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Room transfer request

Before completing the ‘Room transfer request’ please note section 3.9 in the terms of your accommodation contract state the following:

  1. Requests for room changes/transfers may be considered at the discretion of Residential Services.
  2. No room changes/transfers will be permitted where there are outstanding debts.
  3. A fee of £25 must be paid prior to any change/transfer being authorised. This fee may be waived by the Accommodation Officer where there are pressing medical/social circumstances.
  4. If you make an unauthorised room change, you will be required to move back to your allocated room, and charged accordingly if cleaning is required.
  5. For students sharing twin rooms or one bedroom apartments if the joint occupant departs/transfers before the end of the contracted period then the other party will remain liable for the full cost of the room or be required to move to an alternative room and pay the appropriate cost.
Your Details
Transfer Details
Reason for room transfer request *

If you wish to transfer to another room due to issues in your current apartment or with current flatmate(s) please provide us with some further information as to the nature of the issues you are experiencing.

If yes, please provide room details. If not, please advise on the development/area you wish to move to.