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Before applying, you need to understand the full cost of accommodation and all the funding available to you. Funding may come from a student loan, your parents, scholarships, bank overdraft, weekend work etc.

Appropriate funding needs to be in place before you commit to a university room. Once you accept a room contract, you will have to pay for your contracted period.

To make budget planning easier, we listed weekly and annual rates for our accommodation.

Booking Fee

Applicants will be required to pay a £100 Booking Fee when submitting their application.

Once you accept an accommodation offer from University, the booking fee becomes non-refundable.

The fee covers three elements:

  1. It insures your personal possessions in your room
  2. It insures the University against non-attributable damage in communal areas outside the apartment
  3. It contributes to the social fund for the Residence Life Events Programme.

If you apply for accommodation but do not get on to a course of study at the University, your booking fee will be refunded.

The booking fee only becomes non-refundable:

  • once you are accepted onto a course of study
  • have been allocated a room
  • and accept the terms and conditions

Payment Options

Before picking your preferred payment option read our ResLife Fees Guidance for hints and tips.

Payment Options for Belfast LIV

Option 1

Pay in full in advance

Option 2

Pay on student loan dates

  • 17th August     5% of total rent (or 48 hours after acceptance onto an Ulster course)
  • 5th October   29% of total rent
  • 5th January     33% of total rent
  • 5th April          33% of total rent

Payable by Recurring Card Payment or by card on site.

* Guarantor Required if choosing to pay in instalments

Payment Options for Belfast 123 York Street

Option 1

Pay in full in advance

Option 2

Pay on student loan dates

£300 on acceptance of room offer

  • 5th October   40% of total rent
  • 5th January     40% of total rent
  • 5th April          20% of total rent

Payable by Recurring Card Payment or by card on site.

* Guarantor Required if choosing to pay in instalments

Guarantor Information - Required for Belfast LIV & 123 York  Street only

UK Students

In order to be eligible to pay rent in instalments, UK students need to provide the details of someone who will act as their guarantor. The guarantor is usually a parent or guardian, but can be a sibling or a family friend, as long as the person named is also resident in the UK and is prepared to accept the obligations of being a guarantor. This means accepting that they are legally bound to pay any outstanding rent if you (the student) fail to do so for any reason.

The accommodation owner may need to verify the identity of the proposed guarantor and can refuse to accept any guarantor who cannot be located on the electoral roll. However they will not verify their residence status or income and so any adult UK resident is acceptable as a guarantor in most circumstances.

If you are a UK student but you don’t have someone who will act as your guarantor, you can use the Ulster University Guarantor Service

Students Outside the UK

Students from outside the UK do not need to provide the details of a guarantor because they are usually required to pay the full year's rent in advance of arrival. This includes students living in the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. If you are resident outside the UK but have someone in the UK who is prepared to act as your guarantor, it may be possible for you to pay in instalments.

If you are unable to pay in full  Ulster University  is proud to partner with Housing Hand for the Ulster University Guarantor Service to help UK, EU and International students, provide a qualifying UK Guarantor.

Payment Problems

Please see the ResLife fees guidance for further information on missed payments and associated charges.

For more on student funding, including hardship funds and loans, visit Student Money Advice Team.

When you leave

Students usually leave the accommodation in a reasonable condition after their contract ends. You will receive guidance on how to do this before the end of your contracted period.

It involves removing all rubbish and personal belongings from your room/apartment and ensuring the bedroom and communal areas are left clean and tidy.

It is important that all equipment and furniture is still in a fair condition. If fabrics, furniture or fittings are deemed to be in poor condition, damage and cleaning charges may apply.

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