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A checklist and guidance for what you need to do when you are leaving.

  • What do you leave

    At the end of your occupancy period:

    1. All food should be removed from cupboards and fridges/freezers, etc.
    2. You must vacate the accommodation.
    3. You should lock your room and return your keys in person to Residential Services by 12.00 noon.
    4. You may deposit room keys in the key boxes at your own risk. If you do not sign in your room keys on the day of departure you may be liable for the cost of replacement keys.
    5. You should ensure that your study bedroom and communal areas are left secure.
    6. Check that appliances and lights are turned off, and that windows are closed and properly shut.
    7. Residences should be left clean and tidy and cleared of all personal possessions.

    Additional cleaning charges may be levied in respect of residences not left in an acceptable condition.

  • What if I want to stay over the summer?

    If you wish to remain in accommodation during the summer vacation period, you can apply online from March.

    Residents with outstanding accommodation fees may not be permitted to stay during the vacation period.

  • Lost & Found/Left Belongings

    Anything lost or found should be reported to Residential Services or security staff.

    Staff who find a personal item of value after a contract has ended will notify Residential Services so that the item can be logged and stored in a safe or secure storage area.

    If cash is contained this will be forwarded to student support for receipt into the Student Hardship fund.

    Residential Services will contact the resident(s) via the email details on the accommodation database.

    The email will advise that personal items of value have been found and should be collected within 7 days from the date the email was sent.

    If they are not collected on time they will be disposed of in line with University lost property procedures.