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Find out more information about how to apply to Ulster University accommodation at Belfast, Coleraine, and Derry ~ Londonderry campuses.

2023/24 Semester 2


At Ulster, we recognise that deciding to move to another country to study is a big step and, as well as coping with your academic work, you will be adjusting to living and working in a different environment. We appreciate the importance that international students place on their accommodation needs when settling quickly into a new environment far from home *. Therefore, we offer certain guarantees of accommodation as follows:

(a) Full time Students from Overseas (These are students from outside the European Union): are guaranteed an offer of accommodation in the first year of study. This guarantee only applies to students who are categorised as “overseas” for fee purposes, have firmly accepted an offer of a course of study for a minimum of one academic year, and whose completed accommodation application is received by 14tht August in the year admission is sought. Applications may be made throughout the year, but the guarantee does not apply after the 14th August deadline.

(b) Visiting/Exchange Students from Outside the European Union: if you are a student from outside the EU and you apply under the Exchange, ISEP, or Junior Year/Study Abroad programmes to study at Ulster for a single semester only, you will be guaranteed an offer of accommodation for Semester 1 provided that your completed application is received by 14th August in the year of admission. An offer of accommodation for Semester 2 will be guaranteed provided a completed application form is received by 14th December in the year of admission.

(c) Other Students from Outside UK/Ireland (This applies to student within the European Union): if you are a student on Exchange or other programmes (for example, Socrates) you may be offered accommodation provided there are vacancies remaining.

2024/25 No Obligation booking & Accommodation Guarantee

Applications will open Spring 2024.

No need to worry about not having a room for September, Ulster University is offering “No Obligation Booking”. As a CF/UF student you can apply for accommodation before the 7th July and be guaranteed a room offer in your accommodation of choice.

To apply you will pay £100 booking fee which is fully refundable until you have accepted an accommodation room offer.

There is no obligation to university accommodation until you have accepted an accommodation offer which won't be until July/August when you will be able to make an informed decision.

Our ResLife teams are making plans for a full ResLife programme of events for residents to enjoy their university experience & make lifelong memories!