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The rules and regulations help everybody have a safe and enjoyable experience.

When You Are Here

  • Code of conduct

    To ensure that all residents enjoy their time at university, please follow the commonly accepted rules of behavior that are outlined in the Terms and Conditions and University regulations.

    Usually, a first offence will result in a verbal warning, any offences that follow will lead to an interview with your accommodation officer who may impose a warning or fine.

    Any serious or persistent breaches may be referred to the Provost or Director of Physical Resources; they have the authority to remove you from your residence.

    It is University policy to report all criminal matters (including malicious damage and the possession of illegal substances) to the police.

    Some areas of the University will be in close proximity to residential areas of the local community, so it is very important that respect is given to neighbours.

    Residents and their guests should also take into account the local bye-laws regarding on-street drinking and when parking on-street for considerable periods in local communities.

    You must be aware of the consequences of unacceptable behaviour and the impact this has on local residents.

    The University needs students to maintain and strengthen the good relationships which exists in the local community.

  • Student Wellbeing, Disability and Money Advice  

    If there’s something bothering you, however big or small, rest assured knowing help is at hand.

    The Student Wellbeing team is here for you

    We understand things happen and sometimes you need a bit of help or advice to get through challenges, so if you are concerned about any aspect of your wellbeing, wish to seek support for a disability or just need to get a bit of help to manage your money with financial support please contact Student Wellbeing on

    Students' Union (UUSU)

    When you join Ulster you automatically become part of the Student Union.

    We are here to represent you and provide you with help, advice and support.

    Check out what we can offer you at the Students' Union website.

  • Dos & Don’ts


    1. Give yourself time to settle into your new surroundings
    2. Use every opportunity to get to know new people
    3. Familiarise yourself with the campus and local area
    4. Acquaint yourself with people who can help you (e.g. Resident Assistants, Night Assistants, ResLife Co-Ordinators, Housekeeping and Facilities Services Staff.)
    5. Try to balance academic and personal/social demands
    6. See a bit more of Northern Ireland (if you are not from here)
    7. Phone your parents regularly ~ they worry about you!
    8. Learn to tolerate the faults of others
    9. Have a sense of humour ~ smile


    1. Get discouraged too early with your course or life in residences
    2. Be afraid to ask for information (from Resident Assistants. Night Assistants, Security, ResLife Co-Ordinator)
    3. Put up with bullying, harassment, etc. ~ speak to the Resident Assistants. Night Assistants, Security, ResLife Co-Ordinator.
    4. Put off paying your residential fees
    5. Condone vandalism, noise, etc. in your residences ~ Call or text the Resident Assistant or Night Assistant to report it.
  • What about having guests/visitors over?

    Guests can stay overnight with you in your room for two consecutive nights in any seven-day period.

    A visitor is someone who does not stay overnight.

    Visitors can be entertained any day after 8.00am.

    As a resident, you are responsible for your guests/visitors, and will be held liable for any misbehaviour.

    Visitors are expected to leave at a reasonable time (normally this would be defined as no later than 1.00am).

    On campus all guests must be signed in in advance via the ResLife team (arrangements vary from location to location).

    Staff are then aware of how many people need to be accounted for should a building have to be evacuated in an emergency.

    The University reserves the right to refuse admission to residential accommodation to any guest/visitor, and/or require him/her to leave.

  • Room Changes/Transfers

    The room which you have been allocated is the room you will occupy for the duration of your contract. However, requests for room changes/transfers may be considered by the accommodation officer; just complete a transfer request form online.

    Requests for room changes/transfers may be granted depending on availability.

    No room changes/transfers will be permitted where there are outstanding debts owed.

    A fee of £25 must be paid prior to any change/transfer being authorised, this fee may be waived by the accommodation officer where there are pressing medical/social circumstances.

    If you make an unauthorised room change, you will be required to move back to your allocated room, and charged accordingly if cleaning is required.

    For operational reasons, we may require some residents to transfer to alternative accommodation (e.g. if only a few residents remain in a flat). In such circumstances, you will be given at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing.

  • Termination of/ Release from Your Agreement

    You are required to honour your license agreement unless you find another fully registered Ulster University student (who has no commitment to other University accommodation) to take your place.

    This includes residents going on placement.

    Such arrangements are subject to the approval of Residential Services.

    Please note you will be responsible for paying your residential fees until the room has been re-allocated.

    If you are leaving University permanently (i.e. withdrawing from your course), you need to complete an Application to Early Depart form online and submit along with a letter of release/withdrawal from your faculty office.

    Once both of these are received you will be approved for release and asked to clear your room and return your room keys and Residential ID.

    Once these are received your early departure will be processed and you will be required to pay any outstanding fees including an administrative charge for cancellation of your agreement equivalent to 4 weeks’ residential fees.

    Release from an accommodation contract will only be granted on these grounds.

    In extraordinary cases where we find there is extreme/extenuating circumstances (definition of which is at the discretion of Residential Services) you may be granted early departure.

    In most cases you will be required to honour your full license agreement.

  • Complaints Procedure

    Most minor complaints concerning neighbours or staff can normally be resolved successfully in the early stages by talking informally to whoever is causing the problem.

    If ‘having a quiet word’ yourself does not work, the next step would be to talk to your Resident Assistant (RA).

    It is, however, important that you keep notes (dates, times, events, etc.) to support your complaint, should it not be possible to resolve the matter informally.

    If your grievance is with a resident, it may be forwarded to the ResLife Manager.

    If it is with a member of staff, please refer to the University’s complaints procedure.

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