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Unlike living alone, when living in a communal environment, you must be sensitive to the needs of your housemates and neighbours, and a degree of compromise and tolerance is required - you are responsible for your behaviour and that of your guest(s)/visitor(s) and fully accountable for your and their actions.

Communal Living Information

  • Respect for Others
    • Entering another resident’s room or disturbing his/her property without permission is prohibited.
    • Designated University Officers have authority to remove from accommodation any Resident who ignores the rules or behaves in an inconsiderate manner towards fellow Residents and others.
    • You agree to endorse and abide by the University’s Equal Opportunities and Bullying and Harassment policies. Behaviour of a discriminatory nature against a person’s race, religion, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age, political opinion, or disability are contrary to Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 categories and will not be tolerated. This includes the display of any material/ emblems, behaviour, or use of language which includes the use of social networking sites and texting that may cause offence.
    • Agree not to display in windows within your room or kitchen, or in any other prominent place within the premises, clothing, posters, advertisements, items, images or text which in the reasonable opinion of the University could be construed as offensive or unsightly to other students, other members of staff or members of the public.
    • We may remove items from the accommodation that we consider to be offensive which includes flags and emblems. If an item is removed from your room/kitchen you will be contacted and advised how you may recover the items which cannot be brought back into the accommodation.
    • In neighbourhoods where University accommodation is adjacent to residential areas of the local community, it is important that respect is given to neighbours, and their right to “quiet and peaceful enjoyment”. The onus is on you to behave responsibly and with consideration for other members of the community. The Police are made aware of complaints and may take appropriate action as necessary.
    • Where the conduct of an individual is deemed to have brought discredit to the University, disciplinary proceedings may be instigated in relation to the student(s) concerns, in addition to any measures taken by the police.
  • Noise
    • You agree that your accommodation will always be occupied in such a way as to cause no disturbance or inconvenience to the occupants of neighbouring rooms or premises.
    • Unacceptable noise is any sound, human or otherwise, which is, or may be disturbing to others, either within University accommodation or in neighbouring residential areas.
    • Quiet hoursare 11.30pm to 7.00am, during which period it should be quiet enough to permit each Resident to sleep.
    • During the designated Exam periods a zero-tolerance noise policy will be instigated, and any breach will result in disciplinary sanctions.
    • Other hours are “courtesy hours”, during which you are expected to reduce noise levels when asked to do so by another Resident, Resident Assistant, Night Support or Security Staff.  It is the responsibility of the University staff to determine what an acceptable level of noise is.
    • The playing of musical instruments and stereo/hi-fi systems, televisions, etc., should be within reason, moderation, and consideration.
    • A fine may be imposed if you or your guests/visitors breach the noise regulations.
    • We unfortunately cannot regulate the level of external or environmental noises e.g., traffic.
  • Cleanliness, Hygiene and Waste Disposal
    • You are responsible for the cleaning of your study bedroom, and to co-operate with fellow residents to keep communal areas of houses and apartments in a clean and tidy condition.
    • You are advised as part of our response to Covid-19 to use the cleaning equipment provided for the various communal areas before and after use in line with government and public health guidelines
    • As part of government and public health guidelines you are advised to regularly wash your hands thoroughly for your safety and that of your “household”.
    • You must not leave dirty cooking utensils/crockery in kitchen areas, and cookers/worktops must be wiped down after use, particularly after spillages.
    • You must not leave rubbish (or any items considered unsightly) outside residential blocks (which includes picnic and barbeque areas).
    • Rubbish must be deposited in bags in the designated bin areas provided. It must not be left beside bins, barbeque areas or picnic tables as this may attract vermin. Any rubbish left outside residences will be removed by University or Facilities Management staff and all residents in that area will be liable for the costs of disposal.
    • Residents must use the appropriate bin when disposing of rubbish and use the food waste and recycling bins correctly.

    The University reserves the right to make periodic inspections of bedrooms to ensure that basic hygiene standards are maintained. At least 7 days prior written notice will be given, and you may be in attendance by pre-arrangement with Residential Life.

    • Regular checks will be made of communal areas, including kitchens.
    • Failure to meet the required standard will result in a 24-hour Notice being issued for the condition to be rectified by the Resident(s) concerned. If the situation is not rectified, the University will:
    • Arrange to have the area(s) concerned cleaned, and all charges passed on to the Resident(s). Please refer to the list of standard charges available on our website.
    • Arrange for dishes/crockery/cutlery to be removed and disposed of; and
    • Commence disciplinary action against the Resident(s) concerned.
  • Guests/Visitors
    • A guest is someone who stays with a hosting Resident overnight.
    • Guests may not stay any longer than two nights in any consecutive seven-day period.
    • For special events the number of guests will be restricted, and bookings of guests may be permitted only up until a notified time/date and/or a maximum number of guests per building.
    • For your benefit to allow you settle in/integrate, get to know your flat mates and to reduce noise while you are trying to study guests will not be permitted to be signed in during Welcome Week, Semester 2 arrivals & exam periods
    • Guests must be signed in at ResLife Office in advance and carry a guest card. Guests not signed in in advance will be asked to leave and you may be fined for permitting access without authority.
    • You are fully responsible for and will be held liable for the actions and behaviour of your guests/ visitors.
    • Guests will be refused entry or asked to leave if not accompanied by you.
    • The identities of all guests/visitors may be checked, and co-operation is required. Guests must always carry their guest pass with them and present ID when requested.
    • Residents may only sign in one guest, who must be over 18 years old.
    • A visitor is someone who does not stay overnight and leaves by 1.00am.
    • The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest/visitor and require him/her to leave.
  • Heating/Ventilation
    • All accommodation is centrally heated, and you are not permitted to bring your own heating appliances. Any additional heaters found within the accommodation will be confiscated.
    • Residential Life may request you to confirm your occupation of accommodation during holiday periods (for example Christmas and Easter) to facilitate the reduction of energy consumption.
    • To prevent and cure condensation/mould growth, you should provide continuous warmth combined with frequent ventilation to aid a good air circulation. Please open your windows and curtains regularly ~ even in cold weather ~ to reduce the risk of condensation.
    • Please use the extractor fans located in the shower rooms and open the windows whilst showering.
    • The drying of clothing on radiators or in communal areas is prohibited, as this is a prime cause of condensation and mould growth/staining.
  • Energy Efficiency/Re-cycling

    In the interests of energy efficiency, and to be environmentally friendly, you are asked to observe/ carry out several practices whilst living in University accommodation:

    • turn off all unnecessary lights, taps, and electrical appliances, and radiators when not in use during warm weather
    • take all used glass bottles, paper, and cardboard to re-cycling areas (where provided)
  • Social Media Guidelines

    The University has published social media guidelines for students.

    The main points to note are:

    You must not include contact details or pictures of other students and members of staff without their prior permission.

    The University monitors all references to Ulster University online and will act accordingly to any references or associations that could bring discredit on the University.

    Any communications made in a personal capacity through social media must not:

    • Do anything that could be considered discriminatory against, or bullying or harassment of, any individual e.g., making offensive or derogatory comments relating to sex, gender reassignment, race (including nationality), disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or age; using social media to bully another individual or posting images that are discriminatory/offensive or links to such content
    • Bring discredit upon the University e.g., criticising or arguing with fellow students or other individuals; making defamatory comments about individuals or other groups; posting images that are inappropriate or links to inappropriate content.
    • Breach copyright e.g., using someone else’s images or content without permission; failing to give acknowledgement where permission has been given to reproduce something.