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The University expects you to conduct yourself as a mature and responsible adult and by your actions contribute positively to the wider residential community. However, when this does not happen, certain consequences will follow. The more serious the violation, the more formalised the process will become, including documentation of the incident, complaint, and decision. You must be aware that such incidents may become part of your academic record and will be considered if you re-apply for University accommodation in the future.

Residential Life reserves the right to impose ‘precautionary measures’ on a student who has previously been convicted of a criminal offence or is alleged to have committed a criminal offence or breach of discipline at an early stage pending the outcome of criminal/disciplinary proceedings.

Such ‘precautionary measures’ will be put in place if they are necessary and may take the form of a resident being transferred, excluded or other conditions imposed as required:

  • To ensure that a full and proper investigation can be carried out (either by police or a University investigator); and/or
  • To protect the reporting student or others whilst the allegation is being dealt with as part of a criminal process or disciplinary process.
  • To ensure the safety of residents, staff, and the public.

Read the full disciplinary procedure Ordinance XLII, Student Discipline

Disciplinary Information

  • Head of Residential Services/Accommodation Officers

    In the interest of the safety and comfort of all, you must cooperate with the requests of the designated University Officers, who act with the full authority of the University. Under this authority, the Head of Residential Life/Residential Life Managers/ResLife Coordinators may deal with offences occurring within or in the precincts of University owned or managed accommodation and, in addition to other powers available to them for the maintenance of good order and discipline therein, may impose a fine not exceeding £150 in respect of unacceptable behaviour by you or that of your guests/visitors. Oral and written warnings may be given.

  • Provost/Director of Campus Life

    In the case of any disciplinary offences within or in the precincts of University owned or managed accommodation, the Director of Campus Life may impose a fine not exceeding £250 in respect of unacceptable behaviour by you or that of your guests/visitors.

  • Removal/Barring from Accommodation
    • Where they deem it appropriate, the Director of Campus Life and the Head of Residential Life/Residential Life Managers are empowered by the Vice Chancellor to take any necessary action and, at their absolute discretion in an urgent or extreme situation (for example, one which affects the safety and well-being of Residents), may summarily remove you and/or your guest/visitor.
    • The Director of Campus Life is empowered to bar Residents from occupying or visiting residences or their precincts. With the approval of the Director of Campus Life, the Head of Residential Life/Residential Life Managers may bar you or your guest/visitor from occupying or visiting residences or their precincts for a maximum of one calendar year.
  • Disciplinary Process
    • Whilst ResLife will endeavor to provide informal advice and guidance around suitable behaviour if the terms and conditions are breached formal disciplinary action will follow.
    • In the first stage of the disciplinary investigatory process if it is identified that you have failed to follow the terms and conditions you may receive a formal warning. Any further breach may result in formal disciplinary action depending on the severity and frequency of the incident.
    • Disciplinary breaches are categorized as minor, major, and gross misconduct.
    • If a resident fails to comply with the terms and conditions and has ignored the informal warning the next stage is a formal warning which will detail the disciplinary offence.
    • Any further breaches or breaches that would be categorised as major or gross will automatically result in formal disciplinary action which will involve a meeting with the ResLife Manager.
    • After this meeting you will be advised of the outcome in writing via “Decision of an Authorised Officer.” The sanction may be a warning: a fine up to £150: a recommendation that you leave the University residences and referral to the University Disciplinary Committee.
    • Failure to attend for interview can be considered as a separate disciplinary offence of “failure to co-operate with an officer who is conducting an investigatory interview” (under Ordinance XLII Student Discipline) and may entail an additional fine or referral to the Disciplinary Committee.
    • Fines must be paid online or by card at Residential Life office within 10 days. If you are required to pay damages this must be done within 7 days of notification. Failure to pay fines or damages within the designated period will incur additional administrative charges of £25. Persistent failure to pay will result in debts being forwarded to debt collection agencies for redress.
  • Disciplinary Committee
    • For serious offences, you may be referred to the University Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee can impose severe fines or suspend you from your course or both. For example, you will be disciplined if you deface or destroy property. In the worst cases, you can be expelled from the University. Depending on the nature of the offence, if you are convicted by a Court, you may also face disciplinary action by the University.
    • Serious drug abuse, sexual or physical assault and persistent harassment are just some of the offences that may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Advice and Support
    • If you are called to attend a disciplinary meeting or the Disciplinary Committee, you are encouraged to be accompanied by another member of the University (usually a Students’ Union representative).
    • Always make sure you know what is involved in your case. It is your responsibility to ask questions where necessary and put up a coherent defence.
  • Appeal

    You may appeal against penalties (including fines) imposed by the Director of Campus Life, Head of Residential Life, Residential Life Manager or ResLife Coordinator.  A written appeal must be lodged within 10 days of notification of the penalty. The appeal should be addressed to the Office of the University Secretary, Planning & Governance Services, Ulster University, Coleraine BT52 1SA.