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The University’s overarching vision of widening access and participation is based around five sets of principles; three sets of sequential and interrelated principles and two cross-cutting principles, as illusatred below.

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To maintain our success in widening access and to improve participation further, the University, through the Widening Access and Participation Plan, has identified the following priorities:

i. Maintaining our reach to and impact on under-represented groups.

ii. Aligning resources to targeted interventions and our targets.

iii. Improving conversion from our outreach to enrolments for hard-to-reach learners.

iv. Maintaining Ulster's Access Bursary.

v. Maintaining direct expenditure across outreach to schools and communities and direct financial support to students at levels greater than the statutory minimum.

Governance of Widening Access and Participation (WAP) at the University comes under the remit of the directorate of Academic Business Development and the Committee for Access, Participation and Student Success.  Together these bodies ensure that WAP at the University is centrally planned, monitored, evaluated and institutionally embedded.  WAP Plans of the University and further information can be found here: