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Guidance for nominators

The Honorary Degrees Committee has asked that colleagues, in submitting nominations for honorary degrees, should conform with the arrangements set out below.

Guiding Principles

  • Generally, active politicians and persons currently holding public office are unacceptable as nominees.
  • The Committee hopes to attract a range of nominations reflecting gender, community of origin, local and cosmopolitan factors.
  • A connection with Ireland is encouraged, as are nominations in areas of strategic interest to the University.
  • Nominations are particularly welcome where nominees do not already hold honorary degrees from other institutions.
  • Nominees should have achieved local, national or international distinction.

Information about nominee

Use our nomination form to include full details of your nominee.  Complete separate forms for multiple nominations. If at all possible, include contact details for the nominee.


The identity of the person submitting the nomination must be kept separate from the nomination particulars.

Your proposals

Nominees for Honorary Degrees should not be approached by persons submitting their names to the Honorary Degrees Committee.  The Committee will contact chosen candidates in due course.

Current Honorary Graduates

The University has already conferred honorary degrees on a number of distinguished persons, whose details are available here.

Please check that your nominee is not already an honorary graduate.