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Student Disciplinary Procedures

Ordinance XLI 2018/19 outlines Ulster's Student Disciplinary Procedures.

Guidance Notes

Template for Student Discipline Referral & Standard Letters for use by the Provosts

Under Student Discipline Ordinance XLI 4.1 the following persons are empowered to consider, on behalf of the Disciplinary Committee, reports of alleged offences and to make such enquiries and call for such additional reports as may be considered necessary:

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor *
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellors
  • Provosts
  • Executive Deans of the Faculties
  • Associate Deans of the Faculties
  • Heads of Schools
  • Director of Campus Life
  • Directors of Faculty Operations *
  • Accommodation Officers of Residences

Provosts are also authorised under the Ordinance to consider appeals on penalties imposed by Residential Services.

* Recommended by the Student Discipline Ordinance Working Group and awaiting approval by Senate in October 2018.