Dr Ava Brown: Pressures of studying during COVID-19

Dr Ava Brown, a social enterprise student, talks about how close she came to quitting her course and the support she received.

03 Nov 2020   3 min read

overlay graphic Dr Ava Brown: Pressures of studying during COVID-19

Listen to Ulster University student Dr Ava Brown as she talks about her story so far.

During Covid there were so many pressures on me, I literally came close to quitting my course, and then I had a discussion with my lecturer Steven Pollard, and he was like absolutely not, let’s figure this out.

And I must say that was such a comforting thing for me to hear, because it felt like I couldn’t cope, and just the attitude of we got this, we’ve got you, let us sit down together and try to find a way to make sure that everybody matters and everybody is included in the way we pivot.

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