When you start university, you’ll make new friends, immerse yourself in a subject you enjoy, and get the chance to try out new sports and activities. But before you get to UU and start your amazing new uni life, you need to make sure you’ve sorted out your accommodation.

Moving away from home for the first time can be scary but also exciting.

We understand it’s pretty daunting to leave your familiar home behind for a while and move your belongings somewhere completely new. But we promise – we're here to help you and you won’t be alone in feeling a little nervous at the start. Most of your fellow students won’t have lived away from home either so you’ll all be in the same boat figuring things out together.

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Choosing where to live at university

You basically have three options for accommodation while you're at university:

  1. Living in Ulster student accommodation
  2. Finding a private rental
  3. Living at home and commuting to your classes

Living in Ulster student accommodation

There are loads of benefits to choosing UU student accommodation in Belfast, Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry! Our ResLife team can make this process really enjoyable and stress-free plus you can meet new faces who often become brilliant friends. Managing your money is also simpler as all utilities, heating and high-speed Wi-Fi are included.

Student story: 'I really recommend student halls!'

ZaraZara Conley studies Communication Management and Public Relations at our Belfast campus. Here, Zara shares her experience of choosing to live in halls of residence in her first year and making new friends.

“Starting university can be difficult but I think making sure you have a cosy and comforting safe haven to go home to after class is vital to guarantee your university experience will be all you ever imagined. I wanted to make sure I chose the right accommodation for me and it’s safe to say I wish I could do it all over again!

"I’m the type of person that can find it hard to be away from home and apart from my family, and I was really nervous about moving into halls of residence, but it was honestly the challenge I needed to get me to where I am today.

"I noticed that my cooking skills took at least a few months to develop. I’m a picky eater myself but I can cook, I promise! Well, the basics at least… I was also a pretty shy and quiet person at the start of first year, especially when living with new people, but I got to know them pretty well and grew connections with two of my flatmates and learned to get myself involved even if it meant getting out of my comfort zone.

"The support you receive while living in accommodation at Ulster is fantastic. When I needed any help or support, the ResLife staff personally took time out of their schedule to accommodate my needs which has helped me get to where I am now. I can’t thank the accommodation staff members in my building enough for their support and help.

"I have definitely found my confidence levels have risen since living in student accommodation and I have boosted my personality by socialising more, getting myself around the shops my city has to offer, and enjoying my own company also. I really would recommend the halls of residence for your time at UU, you won’t regret it!”

Have a look around our uni accommodation

Want to find out more about living in student accommodation? Have a watch of our accommodation video featuring students across our campuses chatting about the best part of calling halls your home.

Book your university accommodation

If you have made your Firm or Insurance choice and want to stay in UU accommodation, we strongly recommend you apply as soon as possible.

New students from NI, ROI and GB must have applied for accommodation by 7 July 2023 to be eligible for the accommodation guarantee.

International students must apply by 14 August 2023 to be eligible for the accommodation guarantee.

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Finding private rental accommodation

There are a number of websites you can visit to search for student accommodation such as Student Accommodation in Northern Ireland or SpareRoom.

Before you enter into a contract with a private provider, we strongly recommend you research your rights and obligations.

Living at home and commuting to university

Each of our campuses are served by good public transport links including train services. If you’re unsure about the best or cheapest way to get from your house to class, have a look at Rome2Rio, which can help plot journeys. If you’re travelling to campus by

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