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Dr William Duddy

Lecturer in Stratified Medicine (Bioinformatics)

School of Biomedical Sciences
Research Institute
Biomedical Sciences Research Institute
+44 28 7167 5686
School of Biomedical Sciences
Ulster University
C-TRIC Building, Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Glenshane Road, Derry~Londonderry
BT47 6SB

Bill graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2005 with a BSc Hons degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology, earning the class prize for his year, and a PhD in Biochemistry.

During his PhD he carried out computational analyses of protein and drug interaction geometry, learning various large data analytical techniques and programming. He then did wet-lab systems biology research at the Department of Integrative Systems Biology at Children’s National Medical Center, Washington DC, where he ran transcriptome, proteome, and secretome analyses on cell and mouse models of muscle disease, as well as studying muscle stem cell behaviour.

Before taking up his lectureship at the Northern Ireland Center for Stratified Medicine, Bill was project leader in bioinformatics at the Center of Research in Myology (Sorbonne Universities, Paris), where he developed and applied data mining and systems biology approaches to muscle disease, focused on the functional analyses of omics data.

His most recent tool was CellWhere, for the graphical display of gene association networks organised on subcellular localizations. He was also involved in the in silico design of exon skipping oligonucleotides for genetic diseases such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and of novel truncated dystrophin proteins for DMD gene therapy.

In neuromuscular disorders he is motivated by his personal background, having had a brother with DMD.

Research Interests

In stratified medicine, Bill is interested to use network biology to identify clusters of interacting genes or proteins that influence the severity of a disease or that can affect a patient’s response to a given therapy.

His major focus is the pathology of neuromuscular diseases, on which he has developed several bioinformatics tools for the functional analysis of omics data. This includes Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, where he works closely with Stéphanie Duguez to explore the role of muscle in this disease.

Bill is creator of the SysMyo network.

View Bill's profile on SysMo and ResearchGate

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