Professor Julian Leslie

Professor of Psychology

School of Psychology

Coleraine campus

Room G122,
Cromore Road,
Co. Londonderry,
BT52 1SA,

Psychology Research

Professor of Psychology

Professor Julian Leslie


Julian Leslie (D.Phil Oxford University, DSc Ulster University) has been full professor of Psychology since 1986. He was head of Department of Psychology Ulster University from 1984 to 1994, and head of the Research Graduate School, Faculty of Life & Health Sciences, Ulster University from 2008 to 2015.

He has. been publishing in psychology, behaviour analysis and related fields since 1972, and  now has more than 150 publications. He has published several textbooks on behaviour analysis which remain in print.

As well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses, he has successfully supervised 50 students  who  have obtained PhDs  in fields including, experimental analysis of behaviour, applied behaviour analysis, psychopharmacology, behavioural neuroscience, experimental psychology, applied psychology.

He co-founded of the group, Behaviour Analysis in Ireland which is a chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and in 2004 the group became the Division of Behaviour Analysis of the Psychological Society of Ireland, of which he was chair 2008-2020.

He organised the Third European Meeting for the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour in Dublin, Ireland 1999, and co-organised 13 annual conferences of the Division of Behaviour Analysis from 2007 to 2019, variously in Dublin, Galway and Athlone.

He was a keynote speaker at the European Association for Behaviour Analysis in Milan in 2006, in Crete, Greece in 2010, and at the Brazilian Association for Behaviour Analysis, Salvador 2011.

In 2018 he was appointed as a  Fellow, Association for Behavior Analysis International. He was awarded the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (SABA) Award for International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis in May 2020.

His current research interests include behavioural strategies for disease prevention, computer-based enhancement of teaching reading, understanding eye-movements as learnt behaviour, and conceptual issues in behaviour analysis.