Professor Grainne McKeever

Professor of Law and Social Justice

School of Law

Belfast campus

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2-24 York Street,
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Transitional Justice Institute

Professor of Law and Social Justice

Professor Grainne McKeever


Gráinne McKeever is a Professor of Law and Social Justice, and Co-Director of the Ulster University Law Clinic.

She was awarded her LLB and MPhil from Queen’s University Belfast, and her PhD from Ulster University. Gráinne’s research and teaching interests are in social justice, focused in particular on social security law, access to justice and administrative justice, and the development of a theoretical framework of legal participation.

Her research has examined the interplay between social justice and administrative justice, focusing on participation in court and tribunal processes; comparative processes of legal decision making in administrative and public law systems and the access to justice implications that arise, particularly for litigants in person; and the impact of social security measures across a broad range of issues.

Gráinne has published extensively in peer reviewed journals, including the Modern Law Review and the Journal of Law & Society, and was appointed to chair the Independent Review of Discretionary Support in Northern Ireland. She has been awarded over £1million in grant income from the British Academy, the Nuffield Foundation and other funders, predominantly for empirical research on access to justice

She is the Joint Editor for the Journal of Social Security Law, a member of the Social Security Advisory Committee, and a member of the UK Administrative Justice Institute. Gráinne is also a former Chair and Executive Director of Law Centre (NI).

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