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We consist of a number of research laboratories covering a wide spectrum of science covering fundamental aspects, applications and current use.

Our academic interests within the group are defined within three core research themes:

Therapeutics, sensors and delivery systems

We focus on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics, imaging, and delivery systems. The theme includes the discovery and development of novel therapeutics such as antimicrobials and anti-cancer agents, the development of luminescent and nanoparticle sensors, bioimaging, photo/sono-dynamic therapy, and polymeric and nanoparticle drug delivery systems.

Antimicrobials and their use

Production of biosurfactants for pharmaceutical applications, formulations for delivery of antimicrobials, and antimicrobial use. Part of this research is focused on aspects of pharmaceutical care that have a direct impact on the patient journey and patient outcomes

Health promotion in community pharmacies

A Pharmacy Practice Research Unit has been established with Altnagelvin Hospital, providing opportunity to work with secondary care colleagues.