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  • Retinal and Anterior segment OCT

    We are currently involved in research using novel ophthalmic imaging including:

    • Binocular OCT development in collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital.
    • Confocal corneal imaging (e.g. in AK)
    • We have investigated retinal profile and thickenss in ASD using retinal OCT scans.
    • We are using both retinal and anterior segment OCT imaging to investigate retina in ASD, and to investigate the utility of OCT for biometric analysis and quantifying cataract magnitude.
  • In-vivo photoreceptor imaging

    In-vivo photoreceptor imaging: we are investigating cone imaging using narrow angle Heidelberg Retinal Angiograph in the ageing eye and in ocular diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes.

  • Slit lamp Photography

    Our group have developed a bespoke slit-lamp based anterior segment imaging system and have employed this in a study investigating the profile of cataracts in Down syndrome.

    We routinely capture high resolution fundus photography to investigate structure –function questions

  • Confocal Corneal imaging

    Dr Mulholland employs Confocal corneal imaging in association with research at Moorfields Eye hospital