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We are proud to be involved in a substantial number of research networks at local, national and international level.

These involve collaborative research, exchange of research personnel and the organisation of networks, conferences and workshops such as:

  • Founding laboratory for the Islet study group of the European Association for the Study  of Diabetes (EASD) comprising members from over 100 laboratories world-wide,
  • Co-founding centre for the EU Islet Research European Network (IREN) involving 55 laboratories from 15 countries throughout Europe.
  • Participating centre for the EU Islet Research European Latin-American Network (IRELAN) which involves 6 collaborating laboratories in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico.
  • Co-founding laboratory for the HPSS-funded Translational Research Group in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition which involves academic and clinical centres throughout Northern Ireland.
  • Key participation in Professional Committees of British Diabetic Assocoation/Diabetes UK, EASD, HPSS RRG Diabetes and Endocrinology and local diabetes support groups.