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Researchers who work with animals are trained by DHSSPS and must pass a number of examinations (including animal biology, health and welfare)

They are also supported by a team of veterinary surgeons and technical staff, all of whom are specialised in animal health and welfare.

Furthermore, the University organises regular training sessions and discussion forums for researchers related to animal welfare and the three Rs. Attendance at these sessions is obligatory and it is treated as one of the requirements to be allowed to work with animals.

Over 99% of animal research at Ulster University involves mice and rats. The remainder, less than one percent, involves rabbits and guinea pigs.

Further information regarding laws relating to animal research can be found at the Home Office webpage on Research and Testing Using Animals.

Animals used in research at Ulster University

Information including species, the origin of the animals, the numbers and the severity of the procedures carried out on the animals.

Animals used in research at Ulster University in 2021
SpeciesPlace of Birth Number Severity
Genetically Modified MouseUK593Mild
Genetically Modified MouseUK528Moderate
Genetically Modified MouseUK0Severe
Genetically Modified MouseRest of World0Mild
Genetically Modified MouseRest of World0Moderate
Genetically Modified MouseRest of World0Severe

Total: 1497