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Ulster University’s representatives for Resuscitation CouncilUK, in collaboration with Ulster University Students’ Union’s

Personalised Medicine Society , the university’s BAME+ Network and St John Ambulance Northern Ireland hosted a Restart a Heart (RSAH) event at the Derry~Londonderry campus on  Monday 16 October 2023.

This event was an opportunity to increase public awareness of cardiac arrests and the number of people trained in lifesaving CPR and defibrillation.

Every October, an alliance of partners all over the world (including UK Ambulance Services, universities, and other charitable and public sector community-based organisations and first aid training organisations) come together to promote Restart a Heart, by organising and facilitating training events and by providing opportunities for people to learn CPR and defibrillation digitally in the safety and comfort of their workplaces or in their own homes.

This year, Restart a Heart 2023 was launched on or around 16 October to actively promote the use of public access defibrillators and highlight health inequality around access.

Survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest remain low in the UK, with fewer than one in 10 people surviving. By educating as many people as possible we can ensure that those who have a sudden cardiac arrest, have the best chance at survival.

At this campus event, staff and students were given the opportunity to perform CPR and use a defibrillator. Giving them the opportunity to practice CPR in a simulated environment, and were signposted on where to find the location of nearest defibrillator in local areas.

Dr Priyank Shukla, Chair of UU’s BAME+ Membership & Community Working Group, said:

“The idea of such events, organised by BAME+ Network in collaboration with other departments, centres, societies, and services of the university, and external organisations is to connect BAME+ and international students and staff with local students and staff in the university and collectively work for our community. Events such as this not only help in training people in a lifesaving skill but also help in raising awareness about the health inequalities around access, including racial health inequalities."

Nomathamsanqa Tholo, Chair of UUSU’s Personalised Medicine Society and the university’s RSAH representative, said:

“Let’s celebrate World Heart Day by making heart-healthy choices and spreading awareness about cardiovascular health. The ‘Restart a Heart’ event is not just an event; it's a movement, a commitment, and a responsibility, empowering every student and staff member to be a lifesaver when it counts. The idea behind it is simple yet profound - equipping us with the knowledge and skills to save a life. It's about taking matters into our own hands because we understand that the power to make a difference lies within us. 

“Today, we made a difference and took a vital step towards creating a safer, more compassionate community here on campus.  Remember the three Cs when finding an unconscious individual (Check, Call, Compress). Use Heart, Know Heart.

Ulster University networks and societies

Ulster University’s BAME+ Network

Ulster University’s BAME+ Network aims to create a community for both staff and students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to connect and support each other. The network seeks to identify, address and find solutions to the disparities, needs, priorities and concerns of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students, so that the BAME community in the University feel represented, appreciated and have equal opportunities.

Ulster University Students’ Union’s Personalised Medicine Society

Ulster University Students’ Union’s Personalised Medicine Society aims to form a sense of community within all year groups of the personalised medicine course and unity between other life science and healthcare courses at the university. We are a well-rounded and inclusive society that not only provides academic and career-related support but also focuses on creating a supportive and friendly community for our members while contributing to the larger university community.

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