Sponsored Students

Tuition fee information for sponsored students.

Students Receiving Fee Support from Employer or Other Sponsor Body

Sponsor Letter must be provided in advance of Registration to enable Online Enrolment

  • If your employer, a government agency or any other organisation is paying your fees, you must provide the fees office with an official sponsor letter on their headed paper. Sponsor letters should be sent to the fees office in advance of registration in order for your account to be updated prior to registration. For students registering in person, finance staff will accept the sponsor letter at the time of registration.
  • Students that are being sponsored, but have not sent a sponsor letter to the fees office or provided a letter at the time of registration will be treated as self-funding in order to be registered. Once the student is registered as self-funding, the University will not subsequently accept a sponsor letter. Instead the student will be treated as self-funding and will have to reclaim monies paid directly from their sponsor.

Your Sponsor Letter must contain the following Information

  • The sponsor letter must detail the value of the sponsorship, student registration number, course title, academic year being sponsored and a name and address which we can send an invoice to when you register for the course. If your sponsor requires a purchase order number to be quoted on the invoice this should be included on the sponsor letter. You must provide a new letter at each registration period to confirm that your sponsor is still willing to pay your fees.

Partly Funded Students

  • Where your sponsor is only part paying your fees, you will be required to pay any personal contribution or else set up an instalment plan at registration.

Should your Sponsor fail to pay

  • As a sponsored student you are responsible for ensuring that your tuition fees are paid in full. If your sponsor fails to pay all of your tuition fees within 30 days of the invoice date, we will cancel their invoice and the payment of fees will revert to you. You will then be required to pay the fees in full. Sanctions will be applied for non-payment in accordance with University policy.
  • If you leave your sponsor’s employment and they have failed to pay your tuition fees we will treat you as self-funding and you will be required to pay the full balance of your fees.