Finance Information for Students

The Fees Office can support you with any queries regarding your tuition fees from setting up a payment plan to dealing with sponsor letters and much more.

In this section

Tuition Fees Rates

Tuition fees rates and discounts.

Tuition Fees Payments

Tuition fees payment methods and terms.

Tuition Fees FAQs

Tuition fees FAQs and answers.

Sponsored Students and Staff Tuition Fees

Tuition fees information for sponsored students and Ulster University staff.

Leaving the University

Tuition fees implications for students withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from their programme.

SLC Funded Students

Information for students who are eligible for a loan or grant from the Student Loans Company (SLC).

Financial Support and Advice

Links to sources of financial support and advice.


Useful tuition fees forms.

Contact Us

Contact details for the Tuition Fees Office and the Cashier's Office.