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“Published and true are not synonyms” (Nosek, Spies, & Motyl).

We all want to engage in, and produce, excellent research - but at what cost?

Over the past five years there has been widespread exposure of poor research practices, exemplified by the “the replication crisis” that has been identified in psychology, biology, chemistry, economics, and the list goes on.

This has led to a massive global cultural shift towards open and transparent research practices.

These practices help improve understanding of research methodologies, data analytics, data sharing and access to research publications.

Moreover, they encourage meaningful collaborations and the general public’s trust in research evidence.

In this seminar we will identify problematic research practices that may lead to biases in research findings and also explore open research solutions.

Virtual Researcher Seminar Series

This seminar is part of the Virtual Researcher Seminar Series, running across October.

These short lunch-time seminars are online and are designed to provide general research mentorship to help coach post-doctoral researchers (namely research fellows, research associates and research assistants).

PhD researchers are also welcome to attend.

The first set of seminars will involve four sessions covering:

  • General advice and maxims to develop yourself as a researcher,
  • How to use good scientific principles from the open science framework,
  • The role of innovation and creativity in research, and
  • How to get your first funded research project.

These four seminars are short and to the point and will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

There will be an opportunity for an open discussion after each talk.

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Friday 9 October

1.30pm to 2.30pm


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