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As we approach the end of commemorations covering the period 1914-18 and looking forward to the centenary commemorations from 2020-22, Ulster University through its civic role is keen to consider how such events should be approached and observed.

John Green, Chair of Glasnevin Trust, Dublin will present a talk on the theme “Reconciliation through Remembrance: Lessons from Glasnevin”. John will reflect on how Glasnevin Trust approached major events in the Decade of Centenaries, in particular, issues relating to the commemoration of the Easter Rising and World War 1 at which HRH The Prince of Wales participated.

The dilapidated condition of Glasnevin Cemetery for the state funeral for Kevin Barry and his fellow executed volunteers in October 2001 spurred Glasnevin Trust into action. Cognisant that many of the commemorations in the Decade of Centenaries would take place in the cemetery the Trust embarked on a huge restoration programme funded by the Irish Government and built a Museum/Interpretive centre funded by the Trust.

Glasnevin as a centre of reconciliation is actively promoted by the Trust through engagement with schools, clubs and various bodies throughout the Island. As the final years of the Decade of Centenaries is approached, Glasnevin Trust is working with Marino Institute and Trinity College on an ambitious programme to assist in the teaching of contentious history.

The Trust built relationships with the Irish, Northern Irish, UK, French and US governments, with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and with the National Graves Association and many others. The Trust embraced commemorations of and by all as long as they were dignified and respectful.

The old adage “the more inclusive you are, the more diverse you are” is certainly true in Glasnevin but being in the middle ground is not always easy.

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Thursday 15 November

6.30pm to 8pm

Conor Lecture Theatre

Corporate Events Office