Central Admissions

The Admissions team at Ulster University has a presence on each campus and is responsible for delivering a fair admissions service that seeks to provide the best admissions experience to our applicants, academic colleagues and other stakeholders.

We admit students on the basis of their academic merit and potential and seek to be transparent and professional in everything we do.

The Admissions Service deals with thousands of enquiries and processes c. 36,500 applications from Home, EU and overseas applicants during the course of each academic year.

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Our People

Nuala Bryson

International Admissions and Conversions Co-ordinator

Kirstie Killough

International Admissions and Conversions Co-ordinator

Sarah Lynas

International Admissions & Conversion Co-ordinator

Cara Mullan

International Admissions Support Assistant

Heather Porter

International Admissions & Conversions Co-ordinator

Martin Smith

University Admissions Office Campus Manager