A Technology Fund has been set up to provide laptops for new full-time undergraduate entrants who are least likely to be able to provide the technology themselves.

Were you in receipt of EMA or FSM during your last year at School/College (2022/23) or have a verifiable household income of £22,500?

If so you may be eligible to apply to receive a Laptop from our Technology Fund.

It is important for students to have access to technology that will enable them to access their courses.

Please Note

Availability of this technology is limited, so we would ask that students only apply if they do not already have access to an appropriate device.

As resources are limited the laptops will be allocated in stages to eligible groups of students using other criteria also, such as, the ranking of their permanent home address using the Northern Ireland Statistical and Research Agency’s Multiple Deprivation Index.


Applications are now open. To apply complete the form below.

You will need to submit proof of:


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