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Get access to the right help and support when you need it 24/7.

At Student Wellbeing we can help you with important areas of your life such as managing your money, looking after your health and minding your wellbeing.

Here's how we can help

  • Watch back some of our 'Wellbeing Wednesday' webinars
  • View a wide range of helplines available to you for advice and guidance
  • Access study guides and resources to help improve your mental and physical health

Inspire Wellbeing

  • Student Support Hub

    The Inspire Student Support Hub gives you instant access to a range of information and guidance that is tailored to help care for your individual wellbeing needs.

    The hub will help you to create a bespoke wellbeing care-plan, as well as giving guidance on appropriate support and intervention through guided self-assessment.

    The hub comprises a number of resources, including:

    • Guided self-assessment via ‘Chatbot’
    • Self-help programmes and digital intervention tools
    • Searchable ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ map
    • Wellbeing information library and Bibliotherapy

    To access the hub contact the Student Wellbeing team on 028 9536 7000 or to receive Ulster University's unique PIN to complete sign up.


  • Informed Minds App

    The Informed Minds App aims to support and help young people with their Mental Health Wellbeing by providing a range of Lived and Learned short vlogs and blogs from young people on various Mental Health Wellbeing topics.

    These young people have been there.

    They have experienced a range of challenges or life experiences, so they voluntarily share their stories and some tips and strategies that helped them, with the aim of helping others.

    The App also includes short vlogs and blogs from professionals from a range of fields who also offer some advice on the topic.

    Within the App there is also a ‘Mind Gym’ – mini training opportunities with a series of 4/5 short vlogs, blogs or audios to help improve our understanding of key topics and provide techniques to strengthen skills and wellbeing in areas such as reducing stress, confidence, resilience and motivation.

    Download the Informed Minds App via the app store or Google Play and use your Ulster University email address to sign in. (A code will be sent to your email to confirm, be sure to check your junk mail for this.)

  • ChatPal

    The ChatPal project involved the design, development and trialling of a multilingual mental health chatbot, designed to promote positive mental wellbeing. The ChatPal chatbot is freely available 24/7 for anyone to use and includes psychoeducational content, exercises such as mindfulness and breathing, mood logging, gratitude and thoughts diaries among other features. Find out more on the project on their website.

Wellbeing Wednesday webinars

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