Jack Brown: The science of juggling

Learn about Ulster University course rep, Jack Brown, and how he got into Biology.

09 Nov 2020   3 min read

overlay graphic Jack Brown: The science of juggling

Hello, I am Jack Brown and I’m a class rep at Ulster University at the Coleraine campus.

Now today I am going to show you how to juggle, and to make it interesting I am going to juggle while saying the alphabet backwards.

Now juggling is the whole reason I got into biology and even Darwin himself will tell you, or he would have told you, that he used to spend his time in the Galápagos writing in his journal with one hand and juggling with the other.

So we’ll give this a go and we’ll see how we get on.

Course reps have a lot of different tasks to juggle.

They are there to represent our students, their views and essentially to help improve the student experience.

Course reps are there for every single student, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

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