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Eamonn Doherty: The craic as an extra on Derry Girls

Eamonn Doherty is a UU Drama graduate, and for his first time on-set, he was an extra on Derry Girls! Find out more about Eamonn's time as an extra...

10 Aug 2022   23 min read

overlay graphic Eamonn Doherty: The craic as an extra on Derry Girls

How UU led me to Derry Girls!

I graduated from UU last summer with a 2:1 degree in Drama. The course is really great, whether you’re interested in acting or writing, it has modules that suit your interests.

I went to the Magee campus in the city of Derry, which is where I am from and currently live, so for me it meant I could study from my house where I felt comfortable. I would recommend the campus to anyone.

Eamonn Doherty, UU Drama graduate

My time as an extra in Derry Girls

I had an amazing time on the set of Derry Girls.

This was my first time on a set as an artist, so it was a fantastic opportunity to see what happens on an actual set, such as how the actors/actresses perform.

Nobody thought a tv show like this would ever take off in a place like Derry five or six years ago, so it’s hard to believe when you’re on set you’re actually in your own town. It was amazing.

Eamonn Doherty, UU Drama graduate

The support at Ulster

I think Ulster is a great university. Everyone is so nice, I have definitely made friends for life here.

Also the staff and lecturers were really nice and approachable, they will help and guide you in the correct path with regards to help and guidance with the course.

They are there to listen and help you through your situation whether that is coursework or university related, or personal issues, and they try to help you find the best possible solution.

For me, I need a lot of help and support due my disability, and the support I received was really great.

Eamonn Doherty, UU Drama graduate

Drama at Ulster

Ulster has a great range of courses to choose from, the fees here are not as high compared to England or elsewhere.

From my experience, in a course like Drama, you’re putting on shows with other students in your class, so you’re split into groups, which is really fun. Suddenly, that group of people become your friends!!

Eamonn Doherty, UU Drama graduate

My advice for current students...

My advice to current students is to enjoy your time on campus because your 3-4 years just flies by!

I didn’t know anybody else in my course when I started, but you will make friends. Study hard but don’t forget to live and enjoy your life at the same time, take in everything at university and make lots of new friends along the way!

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