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5 things that I can’t get used to living in Northern Ireland

UU Erasmus student, Yerkezhan, shares her experience about living in Northern Ireland so far - along with a few things she just can't get used to!

03 Dec 2021   28 min read

overlay graphic 5 things that I can’t get used to living in Northern Ireland

UU Erasmus student who just joined the Ulster family is already in love with the city, uni, people and her new home.

Yerkezhan, originally from Kazakhstan, is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Italy, and is here on Erasmus exchange!

@yerke_jan shares her experiences and some things that have taken her by surprise in Northern Ireland!


People drive on the other side of the road. When I was a kid, I have been taught: first, to look left, then right, before crossing the road. Here it’s different and I still look to the left first I guess my brain needs more training.

Yerke in a green field surrounded by fields!


The locals speak fast and have a strong accent.

There are Northern Irish students in my class, sometimes I don’t understand them.

Another thing is that students call professors by their names, never Mr, or Prof. or Doctor.

And I think it’s kinda cool, no barriers between students and professors.

Yerke sitting on a wooden crafted chair in a forest


They call French fries “chips”, and chips - “crisps”.

Yerke looking over the Atlantic Ocean on a viewing point,


There is a ginormous variety of FROZEN food here.

Personally, I cook at home.

Putting frozen food for 5 min into microwave is not proper cooking for me

Yerke at a Waterfall


There are NO squared paper notebooks in the stores all of them are lined paper. What’s up with that?

Notebooks in a store.

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