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There’s a lot to get your head around when you start uni and the leap from school to higher education can seem huge.

14 Jul 2021   4 min read

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There’s a lot to get your head around when you start uni and the leap from school to higher education can seem huge.

At Ulster, we offer support in many forms, including Student Connect. This service links you up with a final year student mentor who is on hand with course and module help.

If there is an area you are struggling with, a student connect mentor can get you on track, because they’ve been there. They won’t give you the answers but will make sure you know how to tackle a question or project with confidence!

Meet our mentors

Kaitlin, Keelan and Sara have all been in your shoes and want to help new students through their first year at Ulster.

Meet Kaitlin

Meet Keelan

Meet Sara

The Student Connect team

Catherine from the Student Connect team has worked with the mentors for many years and knows how important it is to use the service:

“Student Connect is an exciting service and I would encourage all first years to make use of it as they settle into university.

The service will be available via Blackboard, your virtual learning environment and it has been designed to match first years who request help from students, to trained final years student mentors who are on the same course or a similar course or who have completed the same modules.

Students can ask questions or seek tips and guidance about topics relating to first year or about the modules they are studying. Our talented final year student mentors have been in your shoes and they know what it’s like to be a first year; they can share their experiences to help you as you settle in.”

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