Academic Progress

An overview of how academic progress is achieved.

We want your study at Ulster to be rewarding and successful and so we support and guide you in your progress to securing your degree.

Academic Progress

Your academic progress will be considered by a Board of Examiners or Faculty Board or Campus Progress and Award Board.

In addition, if you are required to take/retake examinations and/or submit/resubmit coursework during the supplementary period, a Supplementary Board will consider your academic progress in August/September.


If your progress is unsatisfactory you may be required by the Board to withdraw from your course of study.

Progression from Semester One to Semester Two

Progression from Semester One to Semester Two is automatic except if you are repeating and have failed at the final attempt.

You would then be required to withdraw from study.


If you are unsuccessful you may be permitted in accordance with regulations to repeat coursework and/or examinations before the commencement of the next academic year (in the August resit examination period), or during the course of the next academic year.

In either case you will be required to pay a fee for each module or part thereof.

The fees are reviewed annually and are available in the fees and funding area.


Following August resits, you may be permitted in accordance with the regulations to progress to the next year of your course carrying failure in module(s) of up to 20 credit points.

The examination(s) and/or coursework in the failed module(s) will be scheduled to take place in the appropriate semester(s) in the next year of study.

However, where a module is a prerequisite for entry to the next year of the course, you will not be permitted to proceed to that stage but may be given the opportunity to take the module(s) as an ‘exams only’ student in the next academic year.

All ‘exams only’ students are required to pay a registration fee plus, for those students repeating, a fee for each module or part thereof is also due.

The fee schedule is available as detailed above.