Dr Volodymyr Shentsov

Research Associate in Safety Engineering

Belfast School of Architecture & the Be
Research Institute
Built Environment Research Institute
Jordanstown campus
+44 28 9036 6368
Room 27B16
Shore Road
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB

Dr Volodymyr SHENTSOV is a Mathematical Engineer in Applied Mathematics, he graduated from National Aerospace University (Ukraine) in 2007.

He has been a member of the HySAFER team at Ulster University since 2012 as a PhD student and since 2014 as a Research Associate in Safety Engineering.

Research interests

His research interests and responsibilities within HySAFER are provision of relevant experience in the area of hydrogen safety in particular the analytical and CFD studies of different hydrogen safety related phenomenon for example unignited releases and dispersion of hydrogen in vented enclosures, including analytical studies of ignited pressure peaking and radiation from the hot layer indoors, CFD simulations of hydrogen non-premixed combustion with EDC model to study hydrogen jet fire dynamics and simulations of hydrogen tank rapture with the blast wave and fire ball, simulations of flame lift-off and blow-off etc.

Current projects

He is currently contributing to FP7 project SUSANA, EPSRC SUPERGEN Hub and EPSRC SUPERGEN Challenge projects.

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