Lecturer in the Built Environment (Chemistry)

Dr Svetlana Tretsiakova

Belfast School of Architecture & the Be

Belfast campus

Room 27A06B, 2-24 York Street, Belfast, BT15 1AP,

Built Environment Research

Lecturer in the Built Environment (Chemistry)

Dr Svetlana Tretsiakova


Dr Svetlana Tretsiakova-McNally is a Lecturer in Chemistry within Belfast School of Architecture and the Built Environment. She is a polymer/material chemist with more than ten years of post-doctoral experience in organic, polymer and combustion chemistries and in material science. She had extensively studied fundamental physico-chemical phenomena and the mechanisms pertaining thermal/thermo-oxidative degradation/decomposition, flammability, flame retardation and fire chemistry of a wide range of polymers and composites. Svetlana’s research areas include:

  • synthesis of fire retardant polymers;
  • novel bio-inspired fire retardants;
  • ligno-cellulosic materials for environmental applications;
  • waste water treatment;
  • removal of antibiotic residues and toxic elements from waters.

She publishes in the fields of polymer science, fire-safe polymeric materials, sustainable materials, colloid chemistry, and waste management.

Svetlana is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and serves on the committee of the RSC Northern Ireland Section.

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