Sarah Dargie

Lecturer in 2D Animation

Belfast School of Art

Belfast campus

Room BA-03-020,
2-24 York Street,
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Art and Design Research

Lecturer in 2D Animation

Sarah Dargie


Sarah Dargie is MA Animation course director at Ulster University and is finalising her MEd. She holds a background in architecture, animation and graphic design, having spent the early part of her career working for architecture, games and animation studios across the UK.

Projects Sarah has worked on have included educational games and animation, advertising and motion graphics and both new-build and conservation architecture, with clients ranging from Historic Scotland, Design in Action, BBC, MINI and, in addition she has worked as a freelance animator and artist for Red Kite, Smoke & Mirrors, Design in Action, TPLD Games, Vivomotion.

Prior to joining the Belfast School of Art, she held academic position at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). While at GCU she was programme leader for 3D Animation & Visualisation and Digital Design (Graphics) and was responsible for a range of studio-based teaching across a portfolio of three undergraduate and one masters programmes in the areas of Games Art & Animation, Design for Virtual Environments, Animation and Visualisation and Digital Design (Graphics).

During the same period, she was involved in a series of research actives surrounding the visualisation of data for health, architecture, engineering and education strategies.

Sarah received her B.Arch. from Glasgow School of Art in 2016, followed by a B.A in Animation and an MSc. In Animation and Visualisation from DJCAD, Dundee University in 2011 and 2012 respectively. In 2013 Sarah was awarded a position as animator in residence at DJCAD where her studies focused on incorporating the concept of Dynamism and the Italian Futurist Movement into an animated project.

Throughout her time at GCU she received her PGCert and HEA fellowship and is involved in ongoing research surrounding data visualisation and an exploration of the writing process which has been presented internationally at conferences and is in the process of being published in a book.

In addition, she received several students led teaching awards and was an active member of the Caledonian Club Initiative as well as being a STEM ambassador and working with Impact Arts to being a range of workshops and events to the wider community.