Dr Robert Porter

Lecturer in Media Studies

School of Communication and Media

Coleraine campus

Room BC-07-229,
Cromore Road,
Co. Londonderry,
BT52 1SA,

Centre for Media Research

Lecturer in Media Studies

Dr Robert Porter


Robert Porter is Director of the Centre for Media Research, Ulster University.

UK. Publications include:

  • The Edinburgh Companion to Poststructuralism (EUP, 2013) co-edited with B. Dillet and I. Mackenzie
  • Dramatizing the Political (Palgrave, 2011) co-authored with I. Mackenzie
  • Deleuze and Guattari: Aesthetics and Politics (University of Wales Press, 2009)
  • Ideology: Contemporary Social, Political and Cultural Theory (University of Wales Press, 2009)

His more recent book, Meanderings through the Politics of Everyday Life, will be published by Rowan and Littlefield.

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