Dr Ruchira Ghosh

Research Associate in Acceptability Low Carbon Technologies

Belfast School of Architecture & the Be

Ulster Univesrity Sports Village

Room BB-02-LD019,
Shore Road,
Co. Antrim,
BT37 0QB,

Built Environment Research

Research Associate in Acceptability Low Carbon Technologies

Dr Ruchira Ghosh


Dr Ruchira Ghosh is a Research Associate in acceptability of low carbon technologies in the School of the Built Environment. She acquired her PhD in Energy and Environment from TERI-SAS, India on the thesis titled “Reinvigorating Urban Water Planning using metabolism approach".

She holds BSc degree in Environmental and Water Management from Ranchi University, India and and MSc degree in Environmental Technologies from Banaras Hindu University, India.

Dr Ghosh has done projects in different topics of Sustainable development from urban metabolism, urban utility service provisioning, smart city development, sustainable energy challenges, socio-cultural adaptability and associated challenges towards climate change abatement. Her area of expertise involves exploring challenges of communities and society towards uptake of sustainable technologies like renewable energy options.

Dr Ghosh has worked on projects funded by different organisations like UKERC, CASE.

Recently, she has assisted in the project funded by United Kingdom Energy Research Council under whole system networking on barriers and opportunities for heat sector decarbonisation in Northern Ireland.

She was also involved in project funded by CASE on exploring geothermal possibility for heat network in Northern Ireland. She has done EPSRC event on ‘Solar Powered Community Gardens-Exploring opportunities in Northern Ireland’ involving local communities in Northern Ireland to understand their challenges towards wide uptake of renewable technology like solar panels for energy efficient communities.