Rosemary Craig


School of Law

Belfast campus

Room BC-06-210,
2-24 York Street,
BT15 1AP,

Rosemary Craig


Rosemary Craig was appointed to the School of Law as a Fellow in 2004.  She has continued to work as a lecturer in the School of Law since that time. She is the external examiner in Law for the University of Portsmouth.  She has published in numerous academic journals and reviewed many academic texts.  As a keynote speaker she has visited universities in Australia and the EU and continues to lecture on the failed 1991 RUC investigation into the ‘apparent’ suicide of Lesley Howell and RUC Constable Trevor Buchanan.  The RUC investigation (according to the Police Ombudsman for NI) “was deeply flawed by the standards of the time and lacked objectivity and focus”.  She would hold to that argument.

Rosemary Craig spent 15 years in both the private and public sectors at director level. Before entering the legal profession she worked in the world of advertising marketing and PR. She was appointed to the Belfast Youth and Family Court Bench in 1983 where she continues to sit on a part-time basis.

The Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company (NI) appointed her to undertake a lead role in employment matters when the Company decided to cease trading in NI.  Appointed as Director and Legal Adviser to the Green Park Health Care Trust (EHSSB) she introduced Business Management to Medical and PAMs Professions controlling a budget of £1m.  She provided legal advice and representation to clients in the IT’s and FET’s in NI specialising in inequality practices within the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).  She was appointed by the OFMDFM to appoint the current NI Police Ombudsman. Appointed as a European Adviser on the SMART & RESPECT EU Projects she helped shape the imminent EU surveillance legislation.