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Mathew Price

Lecturer in Games Design

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Belfast School of Art


Belfast BT15 1ED


Currently, Mathew is his fifth year of being a Lecturer, where he specialises in academic skills, video game theory/ design and research. Mathew has a focus on games research, having completed a variety of research such as ‘What Impact do VR Controllers Have on the Traditional Strategy Game Genre?’ and ‘What Impact Does Introducing a Research Based Dissertation Have on First Year Video Game Design Students’ with the former MRES project winning the most “Innovative Project Award” at the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

Mathew has a strong focus on design as part of his role at Ulster University, discussing and designing various elements of the game design process with the students. Taking a keen interest in games that fall under the RTS genre but also had a strong passion for FPS, grand strategy and resource management games.

During his multiple years of being an educator Mathew has developed a passion for supporting students on a one-to-one basis, where he focuses on getting to know the student, their project and how best to support them. To support this, Mathew makes use of strong technology-based skills that include the use of 3D, live gameplay and VLE’s.