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Keith Thomas

Scientific Assistant

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Biomedical Sciences Research


Room W0090 Cromore Road Coleraine Co. Londonderry BT52 1SA



Keith Thomas’s current research focuses on the creation of novel immortalised beta cell lines with enhanced insulin secretion. These enhanced cells will enable improved in vitro drug testing models.

Keith has vast experience of in vitro cell biology and drug testing on a variety of cell models. This experience has been gained over the last 14 years with Ulster University and includes functional assays utilising Embryonic Stem cells, healthy (non-disease) human cell lines, various cancer cell lines and insulin secreting beta cells.

During this period of time he has extensive use of various flow cytometry analysers (BD and Beckman Coulter), this experience includes up to 12 colours on a single sample and multiple 8-colour panels on both in vitro and in vivo samples.